OccMeds v. Clearview Medical, E.D.B.C. 09-2579

Kenrick Young successfully defends against a fraudulent transfer action by a Chapter 11 Debtor/ Plaintiff that sued for over $250,000 in transfers. The Plaintiff had litigated and won 4 other similar cases. Mr. Young was the only attorney that was successful in defeating Plaintiff. The Court ordered that Plaintiff take nothing from Mr. Young's client following a 3-day bench trial in front of Judge Russell.

In re Bruce Seymour, E.D.B.C 06-24791

Kenrick Young successfully defends against a Chapter 7 trustee's claim objection, and the Court allows an amended claim for $687,126.56 based on breach of contract and fraud.  After the Chapter  7 trustee filed its claim objection to Dr. Sheikh's claim for $333,000, Mr. Young was brought in as a replacement attorney. Mr. Young immediately amended the claim to nearly double the amount and successfully defeated the claim objection.

Asiatech Management v. Dubinsky, E.D.B.C. 09-2488

Kenrick Young obtains non-dischargeable judgment of $129,234.57 after a bench trial. Mr. Young represented the successful plaintiff, Asiatech. In addition, the Court awarded Plaintiff fees and costs for the litigation. In a 14-page memorandum decision, the Court determined that the Defendant had made a false representation in a written financial statement with an intent to deceive.

Kocyigit v. Peterson, 3rd District Appellate Court 08UD09748

Kenrick Young successfully settles a breach of commercial lease (23,000 sq. ft. warehouse and office lease) dispute on the appellate level.  The Debtor previously employed two attorneys (including one from Harvard) to litigate the dispute without avail. Mr. Young was the third attorney to assist and filed an appeal. Mr. Young then successfully negotiated a settlement on favorable terms with the Landlord resulting in the dismissal of the appeal.